Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Part bummer, Part reset, Spygate checkup

The twin towers of Russiagate and Spygate sometimes seem to be outfitted with tractor beams for charlatans and disinformation. So much digital (and real life) ink has been spilled telling and retelling fantastic tales of international intrigue, it's enthralling. The narratives constructed over the past three years are multifaceted and impressive.

Unfortunately, not all of it is actually true. Put another way, there are strains of truth running through rivers of lies. Remember, these stories until now have mostly been told by people like Glenn Simpson, Ben Rhodes, Adam Schiff, Roger Stone, Jerome Corsi and George Papadopoulos...not exactly clear-eyed honest operators.

A valid predicate for the counterintelligence investigation against Trump very well could exist. However, that investigation metastasized into a witch hunt just like Trump is quite fond of reminding us. Thus, any strain of truth underpinning Russiagate gets thrown out like a baby with the bathwater.

A valid predicate for the dive into Spygate (investigating the investigators), in my view, almost certainly exists. But similarly, the general narrative surrounding Spygate has metastasized into near absurdity. Thus, the strains of truth are drowned in noise.

I'm not trying to be a bummer here, just voicing my concerns and, on a brighter note, hoping for a mindset-reset to refocus on facts. A "checkup" if you will. As my friend @Joestradamus91 has wisely advised: "think for yourself." The real story here is likely different than any current narrative.

This mental checkup was spurred for me when revelations started coming out about Carter Page's track record of work with the US Intelligence Community. Those revelations could still could end up being false as they are not confirmed by any official documentation but they do seem to be true, based on available information including Carter's own words.

Calling the surveillance of Carter Page improper has always been a key plank of Spygate, as reflected in the Nunes Memo of February 2018*. The accusation is that Page's civil liberties and fourth amendment rights were infringed by a politically motivated FISA. That still might be true but adding in the fact (if true) that Page worked with the US Intelligence Community puts a very, very different spin on it.

People with security clearances must comply with a higher level of scrutiny than ordinary Americans. In essence, they receive the clearances in exchange for scrutiny. If Carter Page held a security clearance at the time of his FISA application, the entire episode makes much more sense.

That led to wondering what else is being twisted (on "my side") to fit a narrative. And there certainly are other examples, such as the idea that Peter Strzok masterminded a plot to "get Trump." Again, there are strains of truth there but on the whole, that narrative is not true. Another one revolves around the role of Mike Rogers of the NSA and how he was a whistleblower for the whole thing. Strains of truth but Rogers is not a hero. The other side, of course, has pushed many more false narratives.

Which brings everything back to the main point: this is politics. Trump has unmatched political instincts and uses them masterfully. He understood that Russiagate was primarily a political weapon aimed at him, not a legal one, and thus fought back with political warfare of his own. That is why the Mueller investigation was ultimately toothless against him. There were no actual crimes to pursue (related to the Trump campaign and Russia), only innuendo. Circa March 2017, Trump had many political battles to fight on the horizon, not the least of which was his reelection campaign in 2020, and so began building a strategy to counter Russiagate, leading to Spygate.

Both of these things are probably true:
-Spygate is a political weapon specifically designed by Trump and surrogates to counter the Russiagate narrative
-The actual facts underlying Spygate are in fact damaging to the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton, as in, it's not made up

Unfortunately, though, all of this being part and parcel of day-to-day politics means the facts are going to get spun and disclosures are going to be made in a piecemeal fashion. It's a double edged sword. The political focus on this issue forced many disclosures but it also has prevented disclosures. It's only after the dust has fully settled and the political bullets are spent that historians can gather all the facts.

My goal currently is to stay grounded in source documentation and continue collecting and organizing. What happened over the past three years, continuing through today is a historical event and it will be analyzed for decades.

I believe we have about 2/3 of the real, actual truth about Spygate out in open source right now but that last 1/3 has purposely been kept under wraps due to it's critical nature. So, there seems to be a ways left to go.

But we will get all the documents and the real story eventually. Maybe in the last days of Trump's presidency or even after he leaves office. But even then, that's only going to be the US side of the saga. There will be further disclosures someday by foreign actors and governments.

When it all comes out, I believe the actual actions and events will be underwhelming to most. Much less treason than was originally sold. I believe that the documentation will support the notion that Russiagate and Spygate were primarily theater billowed and played out on the grand stage of American media.

But even theater can a major episode, historically, if it affects the governance of the most powerful country in the solar system. How did comparatively small actions led to all out political warfare? The key thing is determining what those actions actually were and the context of why they occurred. The IG report should move the ball somewhat. Whatever Durham finds will move the ball. Then it's probably waiting until Trump leaves office unfortunately. Many people (including me) will be waiting to see it.


*Just to clarify, reading the Nunes Memo today, it holds up well. Everything in there has been backed up by documents as they leak out. The problem lies in the way the actual facts have been sewn into a mostly not-true narrative.


  1. It is these people arranging meetings with Papadopoulos that has me more flummoxed than Carter Page. I believe Carter Page was an IC asset. The fact that his name was leaked to the Media AND he was not prosecuted, or treated like others suggests that Strzok knew he was not a "Russian asset"

  2. Nick, I'm not 100% convinced that Twitter is as "Bad" as we may think, as far as suspending accounts. I read a lot (I still can read - even though I'm "suspended"). I also can still "report" accounts. Radical leftists "report" and I get the feeling that Trump supporters do NOT "report". I searched key words & have been reporting. Naturally it's complicated. But by now you know I kinda thrive on complications.

  3. Nick, I really need your help. I sent you a "tweet" on Gab with a screenshot - I do NOT ever remember that screenshot, which appears to be between Joe & Jim Jordan, yet I have it saved. I cannot explain that and really need some help! I'm not crazy. I don't know if my entire computer has been hacked/compromised. Can you tweet on Twitter that @KathrynMaga (HurricaneCrossfire) needs to be emailed by her military guys? This is scary.

  4. I'm still alive. Got a notification on Twitter that you announced my suspension. I'm okay with not tweeting, but there was something about Mueller's testimony during the 2nd half. Don't remember which Democrat was questioning him, but the Dem said something to the effect .... you didn't meet with Trump from January 2017 through May 2019 and Mueller replied something like: Yes that's correct. Obviously Mueller didn't think before answering and basically committed perjury, since he did meet with Trump in May of 2017. Find that testimony!

  5. I hope you get this message Nick. I know I'm a pest and everyone thinks I'm just a crazy old lady. I'm trying every platform to explain what I see, what's going on, but keep getting banned - my computer and my daughter's are being attacked. I went on Parler and posted some screenshots that my daughter sent me (in a reply to Epoch Times). Twitch had my daughter with an IP address from Russia & then one from Malaysia. Twitter also had her email as an account - she NEVER made a Twitter account! Ugh. This is so much MORE than anyone knows.

    1. Great to hear from you. I replied to you on Gab a few days ago but I totally understand, there are too many networks to keep track of!

  6. Whatever. Nick, I won't get you suspended from Twitter, but you no doubt don't understand the full impact of what I've been trying to tell people. I'm still on Twitter - I tried to tell/warn people. I'm toxic. President Trump doesn't need you or other certain Twitter folks. You'll see. No worries - you're safe. Ugh. So much I wish I could explain - I've tried, but people refuse to listen to me. No worries - they will find out. Joe picked the wrong old crazy lady to fuck with.

  7. Hi. I just want you to understand something, as I've tried and tried to tell other people, but as usual, no one listens to me. I will go on Gab and post a couple of screenshots - hopefully you'll connect the dots and understand. Yes, I'm suspended, but YES I can still see tweets and YES I can report tweets and YES I still receive notifications from Twitter. Both Joe & ThunderB BLOCKED me on Twitter (have no idea why ThunderB blocked me - I believe it had something to do with fake asshole Roscoe - whatever - that's now HER problem that SHE'LL have to deal with, as I never did a damn thing against her or anyone else). Go to GAB and I'll show you the screenshots. Ficking idiots never listen to me and have no idea what is really going on. Yes, I'm pissed & sick of this crap.

  8. Hi you! I sent you a couple of "tweets" on Gab with some screenshots, which hopefully explains more. A "suspension" isn't what people might think. I just wanted to get the truth out. I can't tweet, re-tweet or reply on Twitter, but I can see more than ever before. It's interesting. Hope this helps in some way, as I get the feeling that others that have been "suspended" aren't being completely honest - just a weird thing on my part - probably doesn't matter, but people need to know the FULL PICTURE. Ugh.

  9. I sent you another Gab "tweet". This is so retarded. :(

    Talk to Susan! Find that Monday, October 8, 2018 video clip of Sara Carter on Hannity. Ugh.

    And yes, I'm "suspended" but I can see my older tweets and take screenshots. So retarded.

  10. Sent a couple of Gab tweets - Ugh & sorry, but I really think I'm right Nick. Goes to a larger/bigger "theory" about Huber out of Utah - is that why Sessions appointed him - because no Grand Jury on the East Coast would ever hand down an indictment against any of these people? There's more to this - I know there is. Can't prosecute without an indictment. Not that we'll ever know where Grand Juries were impaneled, but it needs to be looked into. Is Maryland (where RR was from), one of the districts? What happened with Nate Cain? Ugh.

  11. Hi. Grabbing at straws here, as I've been trying to expose the truth in so many ways. I really hate this, but clearly you can see that being suspended from Twitter doesn't exactly mean you can't see anything anymore. I will no doubt be suspended by Gab (as I have from other sites) as I tried to expose what's really going on. Laura Loomer to Alex Jones - yes, suspended from Twitter - but if I can still look up my tweets, than so can they. I'm not going to play the "victim" in this, as I have no money/skin in this game - they do and are flat out lying about things. Needs to stop. Laura Loomer even cut me off on her YouTube feed when I asked her if she could see everything on Twitter, just like I could. I do NOT tell lies Nick. It's so complicated and I don't know what the eff is going on, but even OUR SIDE is lying about things. I CAN SEE tweets from people that BLOCKED me! Has ANYONE ELSE EXPOSED THIS? Don't trust anyone.

  12. Hey ... yes, ugh, it's me again. I sent you a Gab - Comey DELTED his tweet that had him pictured overlooking the ocean, blah, blah, blah, which had that "little tree", which led ME to figure out where he was. Just being a useful idiot here, but Comey deleted that tweet and I don't think anyone noticed that he deleted it. If I recall correctly, YOU figured out that Comey might have been at some Bay Area conference during that time. I HOPE someone took screenshots of Comey's original tweet - Twitter has removed all my tweets relating to it and figuring out that he took that picture in or about the vicinity of Muir Woods in Northern California. I find that interesting. Dig Nick - why would Comey delete that tweet AFTER I figured out where he was? Remember, I joked and said "Q sent me" in replies? It's weird - please have people dig. Comey, et al., are playing games - okay - GAME ON! Let's play. I hate Gab.

  13. Thanks for the insight, Nick. What you say makes sense to me. It's amazing, isn't it, how those guys in Philadelphia over 200 years ago designed a government system that is able to accommodate all this political hyperbole. It was far from the largest government in the solar system then. I think that their philosophical foundation was very good.

  14. This is not the end of the story, and we need to clearly understand it. Any continuation, and the story will have another development of events.