Sunday, August 11, 2019

Why I believe in God

God would not be God if we could give Him a high five. We commune with Him through faith. But faith need not be preposterous; faith is still faith when it's supported by a measure of logic. So let me tell you why I believe in God.
"Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground"
The Hebrew bible says we can find God in the dust of creation, so that seems like a reasonable place to start searching for Him here on earth. The problem is, when you drill down into our natural world, you find chaos on every level. Maybe no more so than on the electron level where quantum physics come into play. But you see it just walking around in nature. Every natural thing is misshapen, irregular, offset, disorderly.

That simply cannot be God's form. God is not chaos. The world of God is straight lines. It's ones and zeros and infinity and perfection. It's the bookends of absolute good and absolute evil. All of which which is the opposite of nature.

Nature is the gray area. It has no straight lines, so then either God does not exist in this world or He exists in a way we are not perceiving. Which is why I go back to the dust.

Let's go with the theory that God is in the dust. That this dust is perfect, and when combined with itself it can form into Adam, just like the scriptures say. This dust is imperceptible even under our modern microscopes and could be smaller than an atom, smaller than an electron. It forms the atom, forms the electron.

Thus we need some translation between the perfect dust turning into the imperfect natural, chaotic world. A pathway allowing God to come to us. Maybe the answer is in math...

I'm no expert in math but I have taken quite a few classes in it. One specialty which uses a lot of math is signal processing. Signal processing is a discipline which blends the romanticism of mathematics with the pragmatism of engineering. In the development of signal processing, a great deal of thought went into how to translate the way computers talk into real world forms. Computers talk in straight lines (hmmmm) and ultimately they run on machine language, which is ones and zeros (double hmmm).

Some background here. First, signal processing has a mathematical operation called "convolution" where two functions are combined, forming a third function. Second, as mentioned above, computers talk in ones and zeros. Ones and zeros can be modeled in function form as "pulses." Pulses can be rectangular, or they can be oddly shaped, but the point is it's an identifiable indicator of a one or a zero.

More background. A Gaussian probability distribution is observed everywhere in nature. It's the distribution you get when you flip a coin a bunch of times; it's what statisticians use to understand magnitude of error in random sampling; as stated in the clip above, the cross sectional intensity of a laser beam is Gaussian. It's sort of a stand-in for the chaos of nature.

Anyway, here is the payoff.

If a pulse-like signal is convolved with itself many times, a Gaussian is produced. Also, when you convolve a Gaussian distribution with itself, you get another Gaussian.

So pulses (dust) are combined with each other (formed into man), and you get nature (Gaussian). When you already have nature (Gaussian) and combine it with more nature, you just see more nature.

I know, this might sound like the ravings of a lunatic, but it had a huge impact on me when I first learned about all of this. To me it represents a logical explanation of how God can exist in this world while we don't see Him.

If we could drill down far enough we could see perfection, but I don't think it's even possible to see that far here on earth. And it explains how we can be formed by perfection (God) and yet be so damn imperfect.


  1. Hi, forgive me, as I haven't read the above article by you, but I felt I needed to reach out (kinda secretly to someone). It's regarding Bill Mitchell, which I've avoided posting anything on Gab about. Okay. So today, I posted that people needed to switch from Google to DuckDuckGo - just a suggestion on my part due to Project Veritas revealing things.

    Interestingly, I get a couple of people on Gab telling me that DuckDuckGo is owned & operated by Google. Okay, so now I'm grabbing my tiny tinfoil hat - they cannot provide any back up info to support that - I mention Bill Mitchell and how he's promoting a new search engine Yippy. Bill Mitchell IS promoting a new search engine. I don't want to be involved in any of this, but I don't like this and will OUT anyone, regardless.

    Hope this makes sense to you - Bill Mitchell getting attacked. Bill promoting a NEW search engine YIPPY. My suggestion to switch from Google to DuckDuckGo and for the FIRST TIME EVER, I'm told that DuckDuckGo is owned & operated by Google?

    Do you get it Nick? I sure do. I hate more people than you know. Love you.

    1. Whoa thats true I saw you talk about switching before any of this Bill Mitchell stuff went down. Just for reference, pretty sure DuckDuckGo isn't owned at all by Google. Kinda hope Yippy ends up doing well though. Hope youre doing ok!

  2. Is that guy @GeorgeWebb "TruthLeaks" credible? He's tweeting stuff about Epstein and Hillay's emails - never could get a solid feeling about him. He tweeted this: "Carter Page was Hillary’s consultant for “Heavy Industries” from his first days in Congress".

    He tweeted this: "Slowing people are realizing Epstein flew for Khashoggi in Iran/Contra.
    Oct 23rd, 2018 Epstein Flew Mujahadeen For Khashoggi's Barrick Gold, Deripaska Is Drug Runner Now"

    He indicates that he's done interviews with people - posting all sorts of YouTube videos - I don't do YT videos. Just bugs me that he said that about Carter Page.

    Anywho, he may have some good info that you can pass on to others? Not going to post anything publicly from him.

    Did you look into that other guy I Gabbed you about? Not saying he's involved in Spygate, but darn he had a ton of info on Trump Russia - I didn't read any of it, just skimmed down his site. His profile also said he's in D.C.

    Btw, you don't need to tell anyone anything was from me - I don't want to be involved. Too much happening and my puny brain can't think straight as it is. Also, you're the only one of my old Twitter friends I'm in contact with.

    Don't know how you experts do it all, but I love you all. I'm having trouble grasping the amount of evil & number of people involved worldwide. People on Gab have said that Obama & others have unfollowed Bill & Hillary Clinton. Chelsea stopped tweeting & deleted several of her more recent tweets, as people started replying with Bill's lovely painting - ha! God Bless you & your family Nick.

  3. Do you want me to share your Twit thread? The GA group would be best - Neon seems to be the "boss" and has gotten pissy with me - I don't care (sticking my tongue out). Send me a signal and I'll do it.

  4. I don't know if you're aware, but I've been sending you some dumb Gabs. Have to look under "mentions" in your notifications. Mostly stupid stuff, but the Carter Page, Christopher Stevens, George Webb ones are what I want you to see. Have no idea what's going on (Twitters crazy, crazy and I can't read everything).

    Sorry to be of a bother. God Bless.

  5. Nick, I sent another Gab. Please read the tweets. I had suspected Carter Page was the burned source/insurance policy stuff - maybe, maybe not (ThunderStrzok said the timeline didn't fit about Carter Page - see his tweet?). Something's wrong about the Weiner laptop, as Weiner turned it over to a security firm (which is verified in the warrant). Roscoe said that Huma was not given immunity. I think there were only 6 days from the time Comey announced re-opening the MYE to when he announced there was no there, there. Strzok/FBI clearly did NOT go through all the emails. Sundance did an article a long time ago in which he included an FBI document that showed that Strzok ordered a forensic analysis of the Weiner laptop the day AFTER Trump won. I don't know what they were all up to - who's really a good guy vs. bad guy, but the Weiner laptop is somehow key in a lot of this. The initial court arrest records/indictment for Weiner I think are not all public - why not? He got a light sentence - he HAD to have known Hillary's emails were on his laptop, as he didn't destroy it, but turned it over to a security firm along with 2 other devices for safe keeping.

    I still go back to a tiny report that Sara Carter did on Hannity's radio show, where she said the FBI had 2 sets of books - I've always assumed that it had to do with Crossfire Hurricane. What if it was about MYE? What if the problem wasn't with the FBI, but entirely with the DOJ/CIA? (Except maybe McCabe). Comey knew the DOJ would never prosecute Hillary. After Trump won, they were screwed - had been misled by Brennan, et al., so yes, they pivoted against Trump?

    Also, Strzok & Lisa Page's texts don't read as if they were having an affair - was that a cover? I can't do the deep stuff like you experts, this is all too complicated, but I think Huma and/or Weiner were doing something themselves with Hillary's emails. Very dangerous.

  6. Yes, I know I said I wouldn't bother you, but holy cow .... I'm starting to believe Brian Cates and others about "unsealed indictments". Sara Carter posted a "Breaking" report and said 2000 more cases - earlier this year with the pedo stuff, they said 1,700 pedophiles. Trump is also rounding up hundreds of drug dealers. People on our side need to hire more reporters/staff to report on all of this, as it's ignored in the media (mad face). Maybe Sessions wasn't so bad after all, as this all obviously started during his tenure? I WANT THE TRUTH EXPOSED & REPORTED - my dream - ugh.

  7. Sent you a Gab about the Comey/Richman/McCabe thing which may shed some light or at least open up further discussions as to why McCabe waited until July to report Comey ???

  8. I'm fighting with Andrew Torba on GAB - it's getting ugly - hope you can see things before he suspends me! Get him Nick - Look at who he (Gab) followed on Twitter - 26 accounts and Tulsi Gabbard & Marianne Williamson, along with a bunch of Bitcoin accounts were FIRST, yet the account started in August of 2016! I'm taking screenshots. Yikes. Love you!

  9. Get him Nick! OMG! Love all of you! (fyi - I've been watching certain things on Gab and yes, I'm kinda pissed - GET HIM!)

  10. Hi. Haven't read everything on the Russian - personally I think it's the stable genius' way of declassification. All info would have been redacted - now it can be revealed. Anywho.

    Not sure if it's been mentioned, as it's hard for me to find & read things on Twitter, but I think it was the Ohr/Steele stuff that mentioned it would be awful if he were sent back - could they have been talking about the Russian? What would that imply? That they both knew who he was? Hope I'm thinking of the right people here. Seems like a kinda big deal to me if he was the one they were talking about - I know you have all the info to piece it together. - pretty sure now Strzok/Page were talking about him as the source they were burning (saw people say he's probably in the Carter FISA). Winning!

  11. P.S. "our guy" Have fun (smiley face)

  12. Hi hope you get this SOON!!! Check out Joyce Alene @JoyceWhiteVance on Twitter. I can't tell if anyone has seen this yet, but it's important:

    1/ The SDNY has filed a statement of interest in the Trump v. Vance (no kin, Manhattan DA Vance) case. Trump filed this case in federal court after Vance sought his taxes using a grand jury subpoena. He's asked for a temporary restraining order. …
    47 replies 350 retweets 822 likes

    Sucks not being able to communicate. P.S. Sorry - got that IG thing wrong - did not know there was another IG - my bad!

  13. Good thoughts. I ponder gaussian probability distributions on related lines. It seems to me that the universality of the bell curve is a sign of divine design. Why is it so? Maybe that way allows God to intervene in His creation, as in miracles, without being obvious?

    1. right. it's a contradiction though. Bell curve is messy, yet also divine. How those things can coexist explains so much about God

  14. Hi. Not sure if you'll get this - I've tried not to post on your blog. Yes, I'm a problem - latest target (besides pervs Moss and Zaid - there's so much more - ugh) - going after Torba again.

    I don't know Nick, but I just see what I see and HE changed after I attacked him on Gab the other month. He has unfollowed Marianne Williamson after I called him out and NOW, he's unfollowed Tulsi Gabbard too. He initially retweeted a few of Tulsi's tweets after I called him out, but has since unfollowed her.

    I'm going to push that button with him on Gab, as I find it extremely interesting that it was ME that triggered this - I absolutely believe it was ME. Devil's in the details. Gonna bug Andy - can't help myself.

  15. I think that you don't have tell us why you believe in God. It is your own decision and nobody can affect it, positively or negatively.

  16. When I was a teenager I didn't believe in God at all. Some people still don't believe in him. In my opinion, it all comes with time.

  17. I (and you, although you don't realize it) are being banned from multiple social media platforms. Gab unfollowed you from me, and Parler (which is being run by Mike Flynn Jr.) still won't let me back. You have no idea what's really going on Nick.

  18. Not sure what "blog" thingy you use Nick, but I've been FORCED to do some bullshit Google acceptance crap (giving up my privacy - such a joke, as if I've ever had any) in order to reply .... I don't care about ME - there's nothing that can be done to ME anymore - IDIOTS .... It's why I'm such a threat .... I have nobody and am losing everything, but have hundreds of thousands of equity in my home I'm losing .... so? I've never been into money and possessions, so it doesn't work against me. I'm taking screenshots and saving them. In simple English, tech is tracking us and everything we type on the internet. I don't give a shit about ME .... but YOU should care, as I and others can do a lot of damage to you Nick .... You'd be shocked at what a non-Google shows about you. Be careful. I'm not going to Gab anymore as someone you know, as Gab (and Parler, etc.), think I'm a threat and are fucking with me. Mike Flynn Jr. is a criminal .... I'll leave it at that. Stay safe in Fresno.

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