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Aug 9-Built to Unbuilt
Jul 16-Part bummer, Part reset, Spygate checkup
Jun 26-10 Reasons Why Appointing Mueller Made Sense
Jun 7-How did we get the Spygate Texts?
Jun 2-Is this all just a mall?
May 15-Rosenstein's Bad Options
Apr 27-The NCIJTF finds a home in Chantilly
Apr 25-What is the NCIJTF
Apr 11-5 Things About Those Spygate Texts
Apr 10-Nunes quietly racking up wins
Mar 24-Teflon Don Strikes Again
Jan 2-Transcript of John Batchelor interview w/ Michael Vlahos on Aug 24, 2018


Dec 31-The Breaking News Network & a continued look at the bots of 2016


Sept 24-"Burn the damn thing down"
Sept 1-Goodbye Darwin
Aug 21-Black and White and Gray
Aug 4-Irresistible Icarus
Jul 23-Dreaming of Nirvana
Jul 14-Eugenics are Whack
Jun 28-Love For Hoffer
Jun 19-Theseus
Jun 9-Timeline Compressed


May 7-DIY: Custom Graduation Photo Cards
May 2-Interesting Infrastructure: Caltrans and Music Notes
Mar 30-GIMP: Adding New .gpl Palette
Mar 21-Arduino: Sending Hex Bytes to Serial Devices
Mar 1-STK 200: First Program (LED Blink)
Feb 17-STK 200: Getting Started Programming Guide
Feb 7-Interesting Infrastructure: Mouse shaped wetland
Feb 1-STK 200: Basic Layout Guide
Jan 20-STK 200: Switching Microcontrollers
Jan 18-Fundamentals of Engineering/EIT Exam Strategy
Jan 17-TI36X PRO: Programming Bug Info
Jan 13-Fundamentals of Engineering/EIT Exam General Tips
Jan 12-Product Review: Texas Instruments TI-36X PRO Calculator
Jan 9-Q&A: What is a development board?


May 22-STK 200